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There is still much ignorance amongst general public on the actual role of the community pharmacist. Lack of acceptance by medical doctors for community pharmacists to provide pharmaceutical care services was commonly cited across the nation. This could be due to community pharmacist lack of necessary skills, knowledge and training required for successful operationalization of patient-care process, thereby neglecting and limiting its roles.

At HTM, we are determine to address this issue by shifting the role of pharmacists from being product-focused to patient-orientated, to achieve definite outcomes that improve a patient's quality of life. Patient-orientated care had been gaining popularity since introduction of pharmaceutical care philosophy by Hepler and Strand in 1990. Community pharmacy is most accessible to the public hence is a platform for the pharmacists to project themselves beyond the traditional image of being simply a “drug supplier” in that they are able to provide pharmacotherapeutic counselling to patients, apart from general health care information to the public. Community pharmacy is also one of the most suitable platform for raising health promotion and health awareness due to its conducive setting for patient-pharmacist communication. DRMS is a tool that help community pharmacist to shift their roles from being product-focused to patient-orientated care.
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